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Yerf Dog go-karts have distinct engine results

based upon the model of their go-kart.  Because these kinds of go-karts are largely older versions, engine components might be asked to be substituted or the motor completely updated.  This Yerf Dog go-kart engine listing will indicate that the engine your version is outfitted with.

Simply look at your Yerf Dog version below and you will have the ability to find the precise engine manufacturer, design, and output on the columns to the ideal side.  In case you're uncertain of how to browse the Yerf Dog go-kart motor listing, you'll come across a step-by-step manual and explanation of how to read every column.

In case you'd love to donate to the engine listing, please don't hesitate to reach me out or leave a comment and I'll be delighted to update the table under so.  Any info is highly valued.

Model Picture Brand Name Model Number Part Number Engine

Yerf Dog 42105

Yerf Dog 30009 Q43150W Tecumseh 5 HP

Yerf Dog 30021 Q43160W Tecumseh 6 HP

Yerf Dog 30032 Q43160W Tecumseh 6 HP

Yerf Dog 30033 Q43160W Tecumseh 6 HP

Yerf Dog 30034 Q43160W Tecumseh 6 HP

Yerf Dog 32001 Q43160W Tecumseh 6 HP

Yerf Dog 32092 - 7.8 HP

Yerf Dog 32093 - 7.8 HP

Yerf Dog 40000 - -

Yerf Dog 42054 - 7.8 HP

Yerf Dog 42094 - 7.8 HP

The Way to Read the Yerf Dog Go-Kart Engine List

If you need more info about the best way best to browse the Yerf Dog engine above, simply refer to the column descriptions below which you'd like to further comprehend.  I'll explain what all those various columns imply and give you a few real examples.

Model Picture 

The version picture denotes the version of your Yerf Dog go-kart.  In case you're unsure about this version number, if you've lost your proprietor's guide, then you could always consult with the picture to spot your Yerf Dog BERG Go-Karts NI

Brand Name

The brand name denotes the brand of those go-karts.  In cases like this, they're all Yerf Dog go-karts.

Model Number

Every Yerf Dog string or sort of go-kart has an exceptional version number.  Significantly, you consult with this amount in any way times, since the motor manufacturer, output and model differ across a number of those versions.  This amount is located from the proprietor's guide. 

In case you're not able to find this amount, please identify your Yerf Dog go-kart version by the model picture on the left column.  

Part Number

Every portion of a Yerf Dog Go-kart has a special number.  This is also true for those engines.  As you can see, every part number has a corresponding engine manufacturer and version. 

For example, let's take a peek at the Yerf Dog 3202.  The part of this motor is recorded as Q43160W.  This component number corresponds to a Tecumseh engine which has an output of 6 HP.  This amount may also be found from the proprietor's guide and on the motor itself. 


Each component number corresponds to a particular engine.  The most typical engines utilized on Yerf Dog go-karts are out of Tecumseh. 

Permit's stick with the exact same example.  The Yerf Dog go-kart model number 3202 using the component number Q43160W, is outfitted with a Tecumseh 6 HP engine.  Now you can examine the engine specifications and purchase your parts for an update or perhaps use the measurements to update the motor completely. 

Can I Change or Update a Yerf Dog Engine?

Yes, you can.  You can basically use any sort of motor to update a Yerf Dog go-kart.  But should you don't listen to the motor measurements, you might want to do a few alterations to the foundation, sprockets, and other forms of components. 

This 's the reason why it's better to be certain that the motor you decide to replace your present one with has similar, if not the specific same measurements. 

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